Responding to today’s news in Thousand Oaks

Waking up this morning to the news of another mass shooting brings out many emotions that I have become all too familiar with over the past decade. However, this one feels a little different – this one hit close to home both literally and figuratively. Not only did it occur just a few miles away from the ScaleLA 10th Floor but several friends of the ScaleLA family were at the Borderline Bar & Grill when it happened. As I write this, we are still anxiously waiting updates on their status.

As many of you know, I have strong opinions on the issue of guns but this is not just about that, this is about the fundamental right of everyone to be happy, healthy, and safe whether they are in their school, their office, or their local watering hole.

It is the obligation of the ScaleLA team and family to work together so that members of our community have the opportunity to be happy, healthy, and safe. We started ScaleLA because we have a vision for healthcare innovation in the LA area and also because we see an opportunity to address this need in the industry. Because we’ve been given this opportunity, it’s our obligation to see it through and ensure a future where we can all live without fear and dread as we work to achieve progress in the community we all know and love.

Our thoughts AND our actions are with the victims, their loved ones, and the community of Thousand Oaks.

Taylor McPartland
Taylor McPartland
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